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Marshall Browning Hospital
Mitchelle Calderon, PT
Staff Physical Therapist

Du Quoin, IL

“I have used the Biodex Multi-Joint System for knee and shoulder rehabilitation over the past two years and have found it an excellent tool for testing and treatment of various patient groups. With both panel and computer controls, the Biodex System makes it convenient to switch between modes and tailor programs to specific patients.

The Biodex Multi-Joint System can be used on a diverse category of patient types. I find it a good training stimulus for patient athletes preparing to return to sports following surgery, those with musculoskeletal impairments, and those who simply need to develop power, strength and endurance. The system helps older patients who have received knee replacement, or suffer from DJD, to gain knee range of motion and strength with far better tolerance compared to traditional exercises. The system's audio and visual feedback help motivate patients during workouts.

Lastly, the Biodex System's testing component allows me to quantify patient torque, power and work - as well as other measures available from the Biodex reports - that convey a patient's progress effectively to both the patient and referring MD.”


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