Ultra Pro™ Ultrasound Table

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Cyndi Wilson-Bumpus, BA, RT(R), RDMS
Ultrasound Coordinator

Taylorville, IL

“I use the Biodex Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table every day and I really like it. This table is easy to move around the imaging room, it is easy to raise and lower, and it is very comfortable for our patients. I use this table for a variety of scanning procedures including obstetrical gynecological, abdominal and transvaginal imaging. The Fowler Back is especially helpful when doing venus duplex while the stirrups see a lot of use with vaginal imaging. One feature that I really appreciate is that this table can be lowered electronically to a height of 22.5 inches. That's low enough to make access easy for wheelchair transfers, the elderly, and those with ambulatory difficulties. The table can also be raised to a comfortable working level for the sonographer or technologist. The Biodex Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table is a very well-designed table. I'd highly recommend it to other ultrasound facilities - in fact, I already have.”

Steph Allman, ARDMS

Columbus, IN

“I use the Biodex Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table with eight to twelve patients each day. That's because this table is perfect for a wide variety of imaging procedures including obstetrical, gynecological, abdominal and vascular. I like the table shape, the electronic height adjustment, the stirrups, Fowler Back and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg capability. The table can be lowered enough to make getting on or off easy for our elderly patients and it can be raised enough to be comfortable for a technician at work. The Biodex Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table is well-designed and will stand up to heavy use while keeping both your patients and technologists happy.” 

Laura Ward, RDMS

Sandwich, IL

“I really love our Biodex Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table. It makes our old tables look like something from the dark ages. Our old table was too high, too big and too obnoxious in general. Our new Biodex Ultra Pro, in contrast, is wonderfully easy to work with, looks great, and is comfortable for our patients. It features Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positioning, an infinitely adjustable Fowler Back, plus electronic height adjustment from 22.5 to 37.5 inches.

In short, I would certainly recommend the Biodex Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table to other facilities that perform ultrasound procedures.” 

Lisa LeBlanc, BS, RDMS, RVT, RT(R), (CT)
Center for Surgical Specialties

“There are many aspects I like about the Biodex Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table. For starters, the size of this ergonomically designed table is good for patient comfort. It's long enough and wide enough that patients don't end up with their arms or feet hanging off the table.

“The remote control features are another plus. They eliminate the need to physically move, adjust or lift the patient's head or torso; up and down, lateral tilt, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg - with a 500-pound weight limit, this table can handle and position just about any patient we encounter." >>


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