Sound Pro™ Combination Table

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SDMS Recommendations Checklist

The following recommended checklist was taken from the Industry Standards for the Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Sonography, published May 2003, page 3 of the Equipment Control Measures section.

Full Industry Standards

These features are considered essential for new or replacement sonography tables:  Biodex meets Recommendations:
1. Height-adjustable, capable of being adjusted low enough to allow patients to get on and off easily unassisted, and to allow user to scan in a sitting or standing position while maintaining arm abduction of less than 30 degrees. YES
2. Maneuverable, full wheel mobility, and wheel locks that are easily operated. YES
3. Open access from all sides to allow the users to place their knees and feet underneath, if needed. Table support structure and/or table mechanisms should not extend beyond the table top such that it prevents the user from minimizing reach and arm abduction. YES
4. For endovaginal scanning, suitable patient access and support such as adjustable footboard and stirrups. YES
5. For cardiac imaging, an easily operated, drop away or cut out section to allow unhindered access to the apical region while allowing the user’s wrist o remain supported and in a neutral position. YES
6. Ideally, electronic controls that are accessible and easy to use. YES
7. The following options may assist in reducing scan time by improved patient positioning depending on the procedure:
        a. Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg   
        b. Fowler back (upright table back)
        c. Arm extension
        d. Central locks
        e. Patient restraints






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