Surgical Table Accessories

C-Arm Scatter Radiation Shield
Protect yourself from scatter radiation. Scatter Radiation Shields fit all Biodex C-Arm tables, accommodating the unique contours of the Biodex tabletop.
C-Arm Table Accessory Clamp
Used to attach table accessories, such as arm boards or fistula boards, to all Biodex carbon fiber top C-Arm tables.
Carbon Fiber Arm Board
“Chase the bolus” from the injection site. Carbon Fiber Arm Boards are completely radiolucent with no metal parts to obscure the image.
Carbon Fiber Surgical Arm Board
Allows for C-Arm visualization of the entire arm and into the shoulder, this arm board is completely radiolucent and angled for more natural positioning.
KTEK Trigger Armboard with Clamshell Pad
The radiolucent KTEK Trigger Armboard features an integrated clamp snap locks onto rail at any position and is designed to prevent fluid ingress.
PAL Stirrups
PAL Stirrups represent the gold standard in lithotomy positioning. They allow for easy adjustment of abduction and lithotomy while maintaining the sterile field.
KTEK Comfort 350 Stirrups
Unparalleled pelvic site access, larger boot sizing and better infection control.
KTEK Stirrup Cart
Easy to push/pull with ergonomic handles. Cart keeps stirrups secured during transport to prevent damage.
Surgical Table Simplicity Knee Crutch
Precise surgical positioning and assured patient comfort for short duration procedures
KTEK Geopel Knee Crutch with Round Rail Post Clamp
Used for lithotomy positioning during urology, laparoscopy, cystoscopy and gynecology procedures.
Foot Controller
Hands busy? Foot Controller offers convenient table positioning.
Arm Support Strap
Reduces patient fatigue. Holds patients still during long procedures.
Protective Disposable Roll Dispenser
Protect any work surface with plastic lined Absorbent Paper.

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