MRI Stretcher with Fowler Positioning

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MRI Compatibility Testing for Accessories

Biodex Medical Systems' MRI catalog items were tested at Stony Brook University Hospital for compatibility with their Phillips Achieva 3T MRI System. Terry Button, Ph.D., and Clyde Schlein, Director of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance at Biodex Medical Systems, were present.

Items were checked to see if they could be used near the bore of the MR Magnet. If there was no magnetic pull, they would then be determined to be acceptable for use with a 3T System. 


Test date: December 17, 2005 
Following is the list of items and the results: 

Model # Description Results
240-100 MR Stretcher MR Conditional for 3T 
240-110 MRI Stretcher with Fowler Positioning
MR Conditional for 3T
240-189 I.V. Pole MR Conditional for 3T 
240-075 Safety Step Stool MR Conditional for 3T
240-091 MRI I.V. Stand MR Conditional for 3T
240-805 MRI Wheelchair
Chair with I.V. Pole
MR Conditional for 3T

Chart revised: August 24, 2011
Clyde\2005\MRI compat testing for access.doc 

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