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Biodex asks…What Do Your Medical Imaging Tables Say About Your Facility?

June 1, 2011, 4:00am

Karen Duane JohnsonThe medical imaging market is predicted to experience an increase in growth according to a recent strategic business report by Global Industry Analysts Inc. This is exciting news for those who will keep up with the demand by positioning themselves with the latest and best equipment to stay competitive. Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. is prepared to meet the market demands and asks: Are You? Take a quick self examination: What does your equipment, imaging tables and accessories say about you? Do they say worn and old? Translation being your facility is too? Or do they say state-of-the-art—meaning so to is the medical treatment? Our customers tell us they demand the latest technology advances and they don't want to work with just any table, they want a Biodex table!

The Biodex Echo Pro Echocardiography Table is designed as a fully-functional, height adjustable table that is ideal for transferring patients with a cardiac cut-out all the while avoiding RSI issues. "With older tables, the functions are just not there," explains Denise Livesay, radiology sales, Biodex. These built-in functions include tested ergonomics to accommodate the sonographer, better images to provide faster image acquisition and quicker positioning of the patient with less musculoskeletal stress on the sonographer, to increase through-put.

With the medical imaging global market forecast to reach $3.5 billion by the year 2015, staying competitive and attracting the right professionals will be an important goal for many facilities. As the population ages world wide, this important growth statistic should be central to decision making when purchasing products for this sensitive segment of the population. Industry indicators point to an increase in sales of medical imaging products and accessories. Choosing quality and function such as the features found in the Biodex Echo Pro Echocardiography Table is an example of necessary technology designed to meet demand in a new medical era.

Biodex Medical Systems understands the need to meet market challenges head-on and with quality-built, peer reviewed tables for every imaging need. Biodex tables are not only built to last they have a tremendous industry following. "Our belief in science-based solutions resonates in the design outcome of all our Ultrasound and C-Arm tables and the MRI stretcher," states Denise.

Even the accessories available must meet stringent industry standards. "For instance, Biodex has engineered additional accessories to assist with different problems. The Surgical Arm Board attachment is a good example of providing a solution for comfortably accommodating the needs of the patient with a natural positioning support." Older tables simply do not have this level of comfort for the patient.

According to these same analysts, "Of all the medical imaging technologies, CT and MRI technologies were the worst hit during the recession. Despite the fact that ultrasound witnessed a decline in revenues, the plunge was relatively lesser than declines witnessed in Computed Tomography and MRI segments." However, analysts are optimistic in the area of medical imaging. As the population ages and there is a continued need to address critical diseases, imaging will be vital to address these areas of need in obstetrics/gynecology, cardiology and dentistry. Technology and the accessories needed to make it work will be part of the way facilities will conduct themselves. Don't get left behind or leave the impression your facility isn't up to the challenge of meeting the medical demands of the future.

For more information, contact Biodex directly at: 1 800-224-6339 (Int'l 631-924-9000), Email: [email protected], or


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