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Choosing the Best C-Arm Table for 3D Imaging

Choosing the Best C-Arm Table for 3D Imaging

March 31, 2021
Richard Schubert, MPA, BS, RT,[R], [QM] Senior Product Sales Manager, Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

There are a growing number of clinical studies proving 3D visualization can greatly improve surgical outcomes.   One particular study compared the impact of two-dimensional (2D) versus three-dimensional (3D) visualization on both objective and subjective measures of laparoscopic performance using the validated Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) skill set.  The individuals completed three essential drills from the FLS skill set.  Across all tasks, peg transfer, pattern cutting and suturing/knotting greater speed was achieved in 3D versus 2D. >>


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