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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Mark V. Paterno PT, MS, MBA, SCS, ATC
Coordinator of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy,
Assistant Professor Sports Medicine Biodynamics Center,

Cincinnati, OH

The Biodex Concussion Management Program Is Both Reliable
and Cost Effective

“I'm very happy with the new Biodex Concussion Management Program. Here at the Sports Medicine Biodynamics Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, we have tried some other balance screening tools in the past but haven't been thrilled with the results. In fact, for some devices, we've questioned the reliability of the data generated. Right now, however, we are very excited with the results from our Biodex BioSway System. Over the past six to 12 months we have made an effort to fully implement the BioSway System and the Biodex Concussion Management Program and, in fact, we are well on our way to making the BioSway the only balance assessment tool we use.

“The major advantage of the Biodex BioSway System and the Concussion Management Program is their objectivity. The tools that we've used in the past have generally relied on the subjective evaluation of the treating clinician to determine if there are deficits in the balance, but the beauty of this new combination is that it gives you very objective results of subtle changes in postural sway. This makes for a much more sensitive tool to evaluate if some of these patients actually have deficits.

“One thing that we especially appreciate about the program is that the software is very intuitive and easy to navigate. We've used it to do screenings on several very large sports teams and found the entire procedure really quite manageable. Because the software is so user friendly, administering the test is easy - and the system generates data in a very reliable fashion.

“In terms of the protocol, we've been very interested in the variability of movement that we see in concussion patients. The BioSway really helps us zero in on that as it shows the variability of balance while the patient is standing on the testing platform. We've found that just as important as how far a person moves from the center of the platform during testing, is how much variability of motion is involved. Because you can evaluate these numbers consistently using either the BioSway or the Biodex Balance SD, this program gives us a portable option with comparable data. That is a big plus and we are very pleased with this aspect.

“From a research perspective we've screened several hundred patients for balance, plus a few hundred more using the concussion protocol. We absolutely see the Biodex Concussion Management Program as becoming more and more important in our plans as concern over this injury continues to accelerate. We believe the BioSway and Balance System SD are important tools in being able to access the changes in postural sway. The cost effectiveness and reliability of the data generated by the program provides good information and the portability to set up where we need to go. It's a reliable and effective combination that provides us with very objective data that, in combination with more traditional subjective measures, helps us assess concussion injuries to the best of our ability.”


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