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Northern Virginia Community College
Dori Hildreth-Fischer
Lab Instructor and Manager of the PTA Program

Springfield, VA

“In our PTA program, the students are given a very general introduction to the Biodex Multi-Joint System. They are then responsible for learning the system's isokinetic, isometric and passive uses for the knee, in order to pass the practical part of their exam. The students were also excited to use this equipment for other joints and body parts in class presentations. This is fundamental knowledge to be taken into their clinical affiliations.

Our students find the Biodex MJS so easy to use, with thorough instruction manuals. With over 40 students using the MJS this semester, it is definitely withstanding the use at our facility. This equipment is certainly versatile, and we expect our students to continue using the Biodex MJS in their second year rehab classes and after graduation.”


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