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Blackburn Rovers
David Fevre, MSC, MCSP, SRP
Senior Physical Therapist for English Premier League Football (Soccer) Club

Blackburn, UK

“One piece of the equation I consider especially important is our Biodex Multi-Joint System. I really like it for the isokinetic capability, but I use it in the other modes as well. It is very useful as an exercise-based rehabilitation tool. I was always taught that exercise is the most important part of physio, and this is one of the few machines with a plug that actually provides exercise modality.

The Biodex Multi-Joint System is especially well suited to producing numerical data in terms of isolated muscle strength. The numbers generated during isokinetic tests have significant meaning and serve as pointers to help show where an injured patient is in terms of stability control and muscular control, providing insight as to when a patient can safely progress to more functional activities or even return to play.

Isokinetic testing, strengthening and rehabilitation are for us very much a preparation phase in terms of getting ready for active rehabilitation related to the game. It continues on as we progress through the rehabilitation regime and to actually playing. After the player returns to the field, it is used as a follow-up and strengthening mechanism for one to two years after many types of injury. The system is especially well-suited for lower limb rehabilitation.”


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