Biodex Multi-Joint Systems Bibliography: Shoulder

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Andrews, J, et al. (1990)
  Impingement Of The Rotator Cuff:  Arthroscopic Decompression

Biodex #93-212

Arrigo, CA, et al.  (1994)
  Peak Torque & Maximum Work Repetition During Isokinetic Testing Of The Shoulder Internal & External Rotators

Isokinetics Ex Sci, 4(4):171-175
Biodex #93-236  

Becker, L, et al. 
  Prevention Of Rotator Cuff Injury In High School Baseball Players

Biodex #93-237  

Ben-Yeshay, M, et al.  (1994)
  Pain Inhibition Of Shoulder Strength In Patients With Impingement Syndrome 

Orthopedics 17:8
Biodex #92-278 

Brewster, C, et al. (1993)
  Rehabilitation Of The Shoulder Following Rotator Cuff Injury Or Surgery

JOSPT, 18(2)
Biodex #93-186   

Carpenter, JE, et al. (1993) 
  The Effects Of Muscle Fatigue On Shoulder Joint Position Sense

American J of Sports Medicine, Vol. 26(2):262-265
Biodex #93-279  

Chick, RP, et al. (1988)
  Rotator Cuff Injury:  Full Thickness Tear

Biodex #93-213   

Cools, AM, et al.  (2005)
  Isokinetic Scapular Muscle Performance In Overhead Athletes With And Without Impingement Symptoms

J of Athletic Training, Vol, 40(2):104-110
Biodex #93-161   

Dickoff, S 
  Rotator Cuff Evaluation:  Biodex Curve Analysis

Biodex #93-238   

Ellenbecker, T, et al.  (1993)  (2000)  (1988)
  Shoulder Interal And External Rotation Range Of Motion Of Elite Junior Tennis Players:  A Comparison of Two Protocols

JOSPT, 17(1), Sports Physical Therapy Section Research; Presentations: APTA Combined Sections Meeting
Biodex #93-102/103  

Ellenbecker, T, et al.  (2000)
  Clinical Application Of Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises In The Upper Extremities

Orthopaedic PT Clinics of N America; 9(2):231-245
Biodex #91-195  

Ellenbecker, T, et al.  (2000)
  Closed Kinetic Chain Tsting Techniques Of The Upper Extremities

Orthopaedic PT Clinics of N America; 9(2):219-229 
Biodex #91-196  

Ellenbecker, T, et al.  (2000)
  The Application Of Isokinetics In Testing And Rehabilitation Of The Shoulder Complex

J of Athletic Training; Vol. 35(3):338-350
Biodex #91-197   

Ellenbecker, T, et al.  (1988)
  Concentric Versus Eccentric Isokinetic Strengthening Of The Rotator Cuff

The American J of Sports Medicine, Vol. 16(1):64-69
Biodex #93-196   

Frisiello, S, et al.  (1994)
  Test-Retest Reliability Of Eccentric Peak Torque Values For Shoulder Medial & Lateral Rotation Using The Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer

JOSPT, 19(6):341-351
Biodex #93-189  

Hartsell, HD  (2001)
  Shoulder Evaluation:  What's Your Position? 

Phys Therapy, 32-35
Biodex #92-216 

Heiderscheit, BC, et al.  (1996)
  The Effects Of Isokinetic vs. Plyometric Training On The Shoulder Internal Rotators

JOSPT, Vol. 2, (Abstract)
Biodex #92-222   

Kaminski, TW, et al.  (2000)
  Normative Isokinetic Shoulder Strength Values In Division I Softball Players
    J of Athletic Training, Vol. 35(2):S-91
Biodex #91-184  

Kuhlman, J, et al. (1992)
  Isokinetic And Isometric Measurement Of Strength Of External Rotation And Abduction Of The Shoulder

JBJS, 74-A(9):1320-1333
Biodex #92-277  

Meador, R  (1989)
  The Treatment Of Shoulder Pain And Dysfunction In A Professional Viola Player:  Implications Of The Latissimus Dorsi And Teres Major Muscles

JOSPT, 11(2):52-55
Biodex #92-258 

Mulvihill, T, et al. (1997)
  Eccentric Internal And External Shoulder Rotator Peak Torque And Total Work Of The Pitching Arm Of College And High School Baseball Pitchers
    J of Athletic Training, Vol. 32(2):S-29
Biodex #93-265   
Newsham, KR, et al. (1998)
  Isokinetic Profile Of Baseball Pitchers' Internal / External Rotation, 180, 300, 450°.s-1

Official J of the American College of Sprt Med, 1-8
Biodex #93-285   

Paine, R, et al. (1993)
  The Role Of The Scapula

JOSPT, 18(1):386-391
Biodex #92-316   

Pearl, ML, et al. ((1998)
  Strength Deficits Related To Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture And Repair

American J of Sports Medicine, Vol. 26(2):295-296
Biodex #93-280   

Pearson, E, et al. (2000)
  Range Of Motion, Glenohumeral Laxity And Isokinetic Tests As Indices For Shoulder Pain And Pathology In Swimmers

J of Athletic Training, Vol. 35(2)
Biodex #91-188   

Roy, J, et al. (2011)
  Shoulder Muscle Endurance:  The Development Of A Standardized And Reliable Protocol

Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation, Therapy & Techology, 3:1-14
Biodex #93-104   

Someya, T, et al.  (2000)
  Tubing And Free Weight Strengthening Exercises Do Not Improve Shoulder Internal Rotation Acceleration

J of Athletic Training, Vol. 35(2)
Biodex #91-187  

Teng, SY, et al.  (1993)  
  Predictor Variables For Peak Torque Angular Work Of The Shoulder Internal And External Rotator Muscles

JOSPT, 17(1):64
Biodex #93-188

Tremaine, MD, et al. (1988)
  Anterior Shoulder Subluxation
Biodex #93-214

Voight, ML, et al. (1996) 
  The Effects Of Muscle Fatique On And The Relationship Of Arm Dominance To Shoulder Proprioception

JOSPT, 23(6):348-352
Biodex #91-100 

Warner, J, et al. (1990) 
  Patterns Of Flexibility, Laxity And Strength In Normal Shoulders With Instability And Impingement

American J Sports Medicine, 18(4):366-375
Biodex #92-259  

Wilk, KE, et al.  (1995)  
  The Abductor And Adductor Strength Characteristics Of Professional Baseball Pitchers

American J of Sports Medicine, 23(3):307-312
Biodex #93-241 

Wilk, KE, et al. 
  Current Concepts In The Rehabilitation Of The Athletic Shoulder

JOSPT, 18(1):365-378
Biodex #93-187  

Wilk, KE, et al.  (1991)
  The Isokinetic Strength Characteristics Of The Internal And External Rotators Musculature Of One Hundred Professional Baseball Pitchers

Phys Ther, 71(6):S48 (Abstract)
Biodex #92-261  

Wilk, KE, et al.  (1991) 
  Isokinetic Testing Of The Shoulder Abductors And Adductors:  Windowed Versus Nonwindowed Data Collection

JOSPT, 15(2):107-112
Biodex #92-262  

Wilk, KE, et al.  (1991)
  Standardized Isokinetic Testing Protocol For The Throwing Shoulder:  The Throwers' Series

Isokinetics Exer Sci, 1(2):63-71
Biodex #92-260  

Wilk, KE, et al.  (1993)
  The Strength Characteristics Of Internal And External Rotator Muscules In Professional Baseball Pitchers

American J Sports Medicine, 21(1):61-66
Biodex #93-127  

Wilk, KE, et al.  (1993)
  Rehabilitation Following Arthroscopic Subacrominal Decompression

Orthopedics, 16(3):349-358
Biodex #93-154 





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