Biodex Multi-Joint Systems Bibliography: Knee - Correlation To Function

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Dvir, Z, et aL. (1991)
  Quadriceps Function And Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.  Part II:  The Break Phenomenon During Eccentric Activity

Isokinetics Exer Sci 1(1):31-34
Biodex #92-315 

Graham, V, et al. (1993)
  Electromyographic Evaluation To Closed And Open Kinetic Chain Knee Rehabilitation Exercises

J of Athletic Training, 28(1)
Biodex #93-240   

Noyes, FR, et al. (1991)
  Abnormal Lower Limb Symmetry Determined By Function Hop Tests After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture

American J of Sprt Med, 19(5):513-518
Biodex #92-279   

Pincivero, DM, et al. (1997)
  Reliability And Precision Of Isokinetic Strength And Muscular Endurance For The Quadriceps And Hamstrings

Int. J Sports Med., 18:113-117
Biodex #93-274 

Pincivero, DM, et al.  (1997)
  Effects Of Rest Interval On Isokinetic Strength And Functional Performance After Short Term High Intensity Training

Br J Spors Med, 31:229-234
Biodex #93-275   

Pincivero, DM, et al.  (1996)
  Relation Between Open And Closed Kinematic Chain Assessment Of Knee Strength And Functional Performance

Clinical J of Sports Med, 7:11:11-16
Biodex #93-276

Wilk, KE, et al. (1994)
  The Relationship Between Subjective Knee Scores, Isokinetic Testing, And Functional Testing In The ACL-Reconstructed Knee

JOSPT 20(2):60-73
Biodex #92-319   


















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