Biodex Multi-Joint Systems Bibliography: Knee

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Bandy, WD, et al. (1993)
  The Effects Of Eight Weeks Of Isometric Training On Torque And EMG Of The Knee Extensor Muscles

JOSPT 17(1), Sports Physical Therapy Section Research; Presentations-1993 APTA Combined Sections Meeting
Biodex #93-102/103 

Barber, S, et al. (1992)
  Rehabilitation After ACL Reconstruction:  Function Testing

Orthopedics 15(8):969-974
Biodex #92-310   

Beecchi, S, et al.  
  Aspetti Attuali Di Riabilitazione Dopo Ricostruzione Del Legamento Crociato Anteriore (In Italian)

Biodex #93-171   

Brosky Jr, JA, et al.  (1999) 
  Intrarater Reliability Of Selected Clinical Outcome Measures Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

J Ortho Sports Phys Ther, 29(1):39-48
Biodex #91-179   

Brown, LE, et al. (1994)
  Effect Of Velocity On The Bilateral Deficit During Dynamic Knee Extension & Flexion Exercise In Females

Isokinetics Ex Sci, 4(4) 
Biodex #93-231   

Daneshjoo, A, et al.  (2012)
  The Effects Of Injury Preventative Warm-Up Programs On Knee Strength Ratio In Young Male Professional Soccer Players

PLOS ONE 03, 10.1371/journal pone.0050979
Biodex #92-297

Davis, OL, et al.  (1988)
  Athletic Screening For Professional Football 

Biodex Evaluation & Management
Biodex #93-233 

DeMaio, M, et al.  (1992)
  Advanced Muscle Training After ACL Reconstruction Weeks 6 To 52 

Orthopedics, 15(6)
Biodex #92-309  

Eifert-Mangine, M, et al.  (1992)
  Patellar Tendinitis In The Recreational Athlete 

Sports Medicine Rehab. Series, 15(1) 
Biodex #93-235   

Elsner, LE, et al.
  ACL Reconstruction: Curve Analysis & Biodex Referral Summary 

Biodex Report Analysis
Biodex #93-232  

Emery, L, et al. (1994)
  Mode Of Action And Angular Velocity Fatigue Response Of The Hamstrings And Quadriceps

Isokinetics Exer Sci, 4(3):91-95
Biodex #92-320 

Fukutani, A, et al. (2016)
  Influence Of Preactivation On Fascicle Behaviour During Eccentric Contraction

Springer Plus, 5:760   DOI 10.1186/s40064-016-2550-5
Biodex #93-329

Ghena, DR, et al. (1991)
  Torque Characteristics Of The Radriceps And Hamstring Muscles During Concentric and Eccentric Loading

JOSPT 14(4):149-154
Biodex #92-249   

Gordos, CS, et al. (1996)
  The Effects Of Cold Application On Peak Isokinetic Muscle Strengteh Of The Quadriceps Muscle

Univ. of Scranton / Spring & Fall Seminars
Biodex #91-115

Grabiner, M, et al. (1989)
  Electromyographic Study Of The Anterior Cruciate Ligament - Hamstrings Synegy During Isometric Knee Extension

J Ortho Res 7(1):152-155
Biodex #93-191 

Hall, P (1991)
  Comparison Of Two Test Protocols For Isokinetic Determination Of Quadriceps And Hamstring Peak Torque In Injured Individuals:  Simultaneious Versus Individual Testing

JOSPT, 13(5):255
Biodex #92-250   

Hamley, CS, et al. (1999)
  Rehabilitation After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction In The Knee

Physical Therapy Products, 63-66
Biodex #91-114

Holcomb, WR, et al. (2000)
  A Comparison Of Knee-Extension Torque Production With Biphasic Versus Russian Current

J of Sport Rehab, 9(3):299-239
Biodex #91-138 

Huegel, M, et al. (1988)
  Trends In Rehabilitation Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Clinics in Sports Med, 7(4):801-811
Biodex #93-184 

Indelicato, P, et al. (1988)
  The Anterior Cruciate Ligament:  ACL Rupture Medial And Laterial Meniscal Damage

Biodex #93-226 

Johnson, R, et al. (1988)
  Lever Arm Length Relative To Peak Torque Production Of Knee Musculature

Phys Ther, 68(5):R-025
Biodex #93-183 

Klopper, DA, et al. (1988)   
  Examining Quadriceps/Hamstring Performance At High Velocity Isokinetics In Untrained Subjects

JOSPT, 10(1):18-22
Biodex #92-251   

Koralewicz, LM, et al. (2000) 
  Comparison Of Proprioception In Arthritic And Age-Matched Normal Knees

J of Bone and Joint Surgery, 82-A(11):1582-1588
Biodex #92-218   

LaFree, J, et al. (1995)
  Comparison Of Open Kinetic Chain Knee And Hip Extension To Closed Kinetic Chain Leg Press Performance

J of Sports Rehab, (4):99-107
Biodex #93-244   

Lephart, SM, et al. (1992) 
  Proprioception Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

J of Sport Rehabilitation, Vol 1:188-196
Biodex #92-283  

Mangine, RE, et al. (1990)
  A Physiological Profile Of The Elite Soccer Athlete

JOSPT, 12(4):147-152
Biodex #92-252  

Mangine, RE, et al.  (1992)
  Principles For Aggressive Rehabilitation After Reconstruction Of The Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Ortohopedics, 15(3):385-392
Biodex #92-312  

Mangine, RE, et al.  (1992)
  Rehabilitation Of The Allograft Reconstruction 

JOSPT, 15(6)
Biodex #93-234   

Manske, RC, et al.  (2005) 
  Evidence In Practice:  Functional Testing For Return To Sports Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Sports Physical Therapy Section Article
Biodex #92-236  

Mascaro, T, et al. (1992) 
  Prediction Of Skating Speed With Off-Ice Testing In Professional Hockey Players

JOSPT, 15(2):92-98
Biodex #92-253   

Mattacola, CG, et al. (1997)
  Dynamic Postural Stability Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

J of Athletic Training, 32(2):S9
Biodex #93-266   

Maurer, BT, et al. (1999) 
  Osteoarthritis Of The Knee:   Isokinetic Quadriceps Exercise Versus An Educational Intervention

Arch Phys Med Rehabil, Vol. 80:1293-1299
Biodex #93-243   

McCarthy, MR, et al. (1993) 
  The Effects Of Immediate Continuous Passive Motion On Pain During The Inflammatory Phase Of Soft Tissue Healing Following Anteriior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction 

Phys Ther, 73(9):84
Biodex #93-182   

Miller, L, et al. (2000) 
  ACL Reconstruction - Outcomes Of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Can Be Predicted In The Majority Of Patients If Pre- and Post Surgical Rehabilitation Protocols Are Followed

Orthopedic Technology Review, 28-32
Biodex #91-193   

Mulawka, SM, et al. (1989) 
  Medial Collateral Ligament:  Isolated Injury to MCL

Biodex #93-223   

Noyes, FR, et al.  (1990) 
  ACL:  Meniscal Injury:  Arthroscopically Aided ACL Allograft:  Meniscal Repair

Biodex #93-222  

Noyes, FR, et al. (1995)
  Bone-Patellar Ligament-Bone And Fascia Lata Allografts For Reconstruction Of The Anterior Cruciate Ligament

J Bone Joint Surg, 72-A(8):1125-1136
Biodex #92-254   

Noyes, FR, et al. (1995)
  The Treatment Of Acute Combined Ruptures Of The Anterior Cruciate And Medial Ligaments Of The Knee

Am J Sports Medicine, 23(4):380-392
Biodex #93-242   

Paine, R, et al.  
  Instrumented Examination 

Knee Ligament Rehabilitation, Chapter 4:40-60
Biodex #92-232 

Patel, RR, et al. (1998) 
  Relationship Between Isokinetic Strength And Dynamic Knee Function In ACL Deficient Patients
Aspetti Attuali Di Riabilitazione Dopo Ricostruzione Del Legamento Crociato Anteriore  
(in Italian)

Biodex #91-190  

Paterno, MVATERNO, MV, et al. (2006) 
  Early Rehabilitation Following Surgical Fixation Of A Femoral Shaft Fracture

Physical Therapy, 86(4):558-572
Biodex #93-108 

Price, S, et al. (1988) 
  The Posterior Cruciate Ligament:  The Chronic PCL - Deficient Knee

Biodex #93-221  

Rozzi, SL, et al. (1999)
  Knee Joint Laxity And Neuromuscular Characteristics Of Male And Female Soccer And Basketball Players

American J Sports Medicine, 27(3):312-319
Biodex #91-101 

Sczepanski, TL, et al.(1991)
  Effect Of Contraction Type, Angular Velocity, And Arc Of Motion On VMO-VL EMG Ratio

JOSPT, 14(6):256-262
Biodex #92-275

Shelton, GL, et al. (1991) 
  Rehabilitation Of Patellofemoral Dysfunction:  A Review Of Literature

JOSPT, 14(6):243-249
Biodex #93-181   

Southmayd, W, et al. (1989)
  Medial Meniscus Injury:  Partial Meniscectomy

Biodex #93-225  

Strick, D (1997)
  Getting Knee-Deep Into Rehab

Sports Illustrated
Biodex #91-191 

Sykes, TF, et al.  (1989)
  Patella Malalignment Syndrome:  Anterior Displacement Of The Tibial Tubercle

Biodex #93-224   

Taylor, N, et al.(1991)
  Functional Torque-Velocity And Power-Velocity Characteristics Of Elite Athletes

Eur J Appl Phys, 62:116-121
Biodex #92-270  

Timm, KE, (1988)
  Postsurgical Knee Rehabilitation:  A Five Years Study Of Four Methods And 5,381 Patients

American J Sports Medicine, 16(5):463-468
Biodex #92-282

Voight, M, et al.  (1992) 
  Instrumented Testing Of Tibial Translation During A Passive Lachmann's Test And Selected Closed Chain Activities In Anterior Cruciate Deficient Knees

JOSPT, 15:49 (Abstract)
Biodex #92-276

Wilk, KE, et al. (1999)
  Rehabilitation After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction In The Female Athlete

J of Athletic Training, 34(2):177-193
Biodex #91-178   

Wilk, KE, et al. (1997)
  Kinetic Chain Exercise:  Implications For The Anterior Cruciate Ligament Patient

American J of Sports Medicine, 21(1):49-54
Biodex #93-126
















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