Biodex Multi-Joint Systems Bibliography: Isokinetics – Clinical Applications

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Baker, AG, et al. (1997)
  Effect Of A “T-Band” Kick Training Protocol On Postural Sway

Journal of Athletic Training, Vol. 32(2):S-41
Biodex #93-272

Bandy, WD, et al. (1993)
  Intramachine And Intermachine Reliability For Selected Dynamic Muscle Performance Tests

JOSPT, Vol. 18(5)
Biodex #92-318

Bemben, MG, et al.  (1993)
  Reliability Of The Biodex B-2000 Isokinetic Dynamometer And The Evaluation Of A Sport-Specific Determination For The Angle Of Peak Torque During Knee Extension

Isokinetics and Exercise Science, Vol. 3(3):164-168
Biodex #92-271

Boltien, E, et al. (1989)
  Effects Of Stationary And Non-Stationary Input Cuffs On Peak Torque Measurement

Phys Ther, 69(5):378
Biodex #93-204

Brown, LE, et al. (1993)
  Reliability Of The Biodex System 2 Isokinetic Dynamometer Concentric Mode

Isokinetics and Exercise Science, Vol. 3(3):160-163
Biodex #92-272

Drouin, JM, et al.  (2001)   
  Validity Of The Biodex™ System 3 Pro Isokinetic Dynamometer Position, Torque And Velocity Measurements

Journal of Athletic Training, S-103
Biodex #92-219

Feiring, D, et al.  (1990)
  Test-Retest Reliability Of The Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer

JOSPT, 11(7):298-300
Biodex #92-266

Grabiner, M (1989)
  Trunk Extension And Flexion

Biodex Corporation - Clinical Advantage Program
Biodex #93-202

Grabiner, M (1990)
  Isokinetic Measurements Of Trunk Extension And Flexion Performance Collected With The Biodex Clinical Data Station

JOSPT, 11:590-598
Biodex #92-263

Greenberger, H, et al. (1993)
  Comparison Of Quadriceps Peakk Torque Using Three Different Isokinetic Dynamometers

JOSPT, 17(1):48-49
Biodex #93-170

Greenwood, LD, et al. (1997)
  The Influence Of Varying Range Of Motion On Peak Isokinetic Torque

Journal of Athletic Training, Vol. 32(2):S-29
Biodex #93-264

Gross, M, et al. (1991)
  Intra-Machine And Inter-Machine Reliability Of The Biodex And Cybex II For Knee Flexion And Extension Peak Torque And Angular Work 

Abstract to be presented at the 1990 APTA Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA
JOSPT, 13(6):329-330
Biodex #93-169

Hall, P (1991)
  Comparison Of Two Test Protocols For Isokinetic Determination Of Quadriceps And Hamstring Peak Torque In Injured Individuals:  Simultaneous Versus Individual Testing

Walt Disney World PT, 7508 Summer Laker Ct., Orlando, FL 32811
JOSPT 13:5
Biodex #92-250

Holmback, AM, et al. (1999)
  Reliability Of Isokinetic Ankle Dorsiflexor Strength Measurements In Healthy Young Men And Women

Scan J Rehabil Med, (4):229-239 (ISSN: 0036-5505)
Biodex #91-180

Kaminski, TW, et al. (2001)
  Reliability Of Inversion And Eversion Peake- And Average-Torque Measurements From The Biodex System 3 Dynamometer

Journal of Sport Rehabilitaton, Vol. 10(3):205-220
Biodex #92-234

Kulwicki, M, et al.  (1991) 

Reliability Of Biodex Isokinetic Measurement Using A Fixed Versus Anticompression Knee Attachment (Abstract)


Phys Ther, 71(6):553
Biodex #93-168

McLean, KP, et al. (1994)
  Reliability And Typical Isokinetic Trunk Values As Measured By The Biodex

IES 4(1)
Biodex #93-172

Montgomery, LC, et al. (1989)
  Reliability Of An Isokinetic Test Of Muscle Strength And Endurance

JOSPT, 315-322
Biodex #93-173

Newman, CL, et al.  (1992)   
  Test-Retest Reliability Of Isokinetic Concentric Mode, Peak Torque, Measurements On Healthy Children With Spina Bifida

Phys Ther 72(6):(Supp)
Biodex #93-203

Patten, C, et al. (2003)
  Reliability And Resposiveness Of Elbow Trajectory Tracking In Chronic Poststroke Hemiparesis 

J of Rehab R&D, Vol 40(6):487-500
Biodex #92-268

Taylor, N, et al.  (1991)
  Static And Dynamic Assessment Of The Biodex Dynamometer

European J of Applied Physiology 61:18-188
Biodex #92-317

Thompson, M, et al.  (1989)
  Comparison Of Values Generated During Testing Of The Knee Using The Cybex II Plus And Biodex Model B-2000 Isokinetic Dynamometers 

JOSPT, 11(3):108-115
Biodex #93-176

Timm, K, et al.  (1993)   
  Concentric Isokinetic Test-Retest Reliability And Testing Interval

Isokinetics Exer Sci, 3(1):44-49
Biodex #93-167

Timm, K, et al.  (1990)
  The Mechanical And Physiological Reliability Of The Eccentric Mode Of The Biodex Dynamometer (Abstract)

Part of a conglomerate study comparing approximately 10 isokinetic machines, to be published by mid-year
Med Sci Sports Exer, 22:S65
Biodex #93-175

Timm, K, et al.  (1992) 
  The Mechanical And Physiological Reliability Of The Isokinetic Mode Of The Biodex Dynamometer

Part of a conglomerate study comparing approximately 10 isokinetic machines, to be published by mid-year
Isokinetics Exer Sci 2(4):182-190
Biodex #93-174

Toy, BJ, et al.  (1997)
  Concentric And Eccentric Glenohumeral Joint Peak Torque Reliability Of The Biodex 2000 Isokinetic Dynamometer 

J of Athletic Training, Vol. 32(2):S-55
Biodex #93-270

Valovich, TC, et al. (2001)
  Reliability Of The Biodex™ System 3 Pro Isokinetic Dynamometer Velocity, Torque And Position Measurements

J of Athletic Training, S-103
Biodex #92-220

Voight, M, et al.  (1991)   
  Reliability Of Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer For Measurement Of Hamstring Reaction Time

Small, C.L. and Waters, J.T., Univ. of Miami, Div. of P.T., Coral Gables, FL
Phys Ther 71(6):599
Biodex #93-166

Wilk, KE, et al.  (1988)
  Comparison Of Knee Extensor And Flexor Muscle Group Strength, Using The Biodex, Cybex And Lido Isokinetic Dynamometer

Unpublished data Chicagoland Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services Ltd.,
7600 W. College Drive, Palos Heights, IL 60463
Biodex #93-158

Wilk, KE, et al.  (1988)
  Intermachine Reliability Of Three Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometers

HealthSouth Sports Med Rehab Ctr, Birmingham, AL 35205
Biodex #93-157

Wilk, KE, et al. (1988)
  Reliability Of The Biodex B-2000 Isokinetic Dynamometer

Physical Therapy, 68(6):792
Biodex #93-159

Wing, W, et al.  (1999)
  Evaluation Of The Cushion Setting On Performance Of A Biodex II Dynamometer
    Arch Phys Med Rehabil, Vol. 80
Biodex #93-290


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