Biodex Multi-Joint Systems Bibliography: Hamstring

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Arnason, A, et al.  (2007)
  Prevention Of Hamstring Strains In Elite Soccer:  An Intervention Study
    Scand J Med Sci Sports; 1-9
Biodex #93-316

Askling, C, et al.  (2003)
  Hamstring Injury Occurrence In Elite Soccer Players After Preseason Strength Training With Eccentric Overload 

Scand J Med Sci Sports, 13:244-250
Biodex #93-315

Croisier, JL, et al.  (2008)
  Strength Imbalances And Prevention Of Hamstring Injury In Professional Soccer Players

The American J of Sports Med, Vol. 36, No. 8, 1469-1475
Biodex #93-317 

Ekstrand, J, et al.  (2011)
  Epidemiology Of Muscle Injuries In Professional Football (Soccer) 
Biodex #93-309

Heiderscheit, BC, et al.  (2010)
  Hamstring Strain Injuries:  Recommendations For Diagnosis, Rehabilitation, and Injury Prevention

J of Orthopaedi Sports PT, Vol. 40, No. 2: 67-81
Biodex #93-313

Mjolsnes, R, et al.  (2004)
  A 10-Week Randomized Trial Comparing Eccentric vs. Concentric Hamstring Strength Training In Well-Trained Soccer Players

Scand J Med Sci Sports, 14: 311-317
Biodex #93-311

Orchard, J, et al.  (2002)
  Epidemiology Of Injuries In The Australian Football League, Seasons 1997-2000 
    Br J Sports Med, 36:  39-45
Biodex #93-310

Petersen, J, et al.  (2005)
  Evidence Based Prevention Of Hamstring Injuries In Sport 

Br J Sports Med, 39: 319-323
Biodex #93-312

Schmitt, B, et al.  (2012)
  Hamstring Injury Rehabilitation And Prevention Of Reinjury Using Lengthened State Eccentric Training:  A New Concept

The International J of Sports PT, Vol. 7, No. 3: 333-341
Biodex #93-314  






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