Biodex Multi-Joint Systems Bibliography: Elbow

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Andrews, J, et al. (1993)
  Physical Examination Of The Thrower's Elbow

JOSPT, 17(6):296-304
Biodex #93-201

Patten, C, et al. (2003)
  Reliability And Responsiveness Of Elbow Trajectory Tracking In Chronic Poststroke Hemiparesis 

J of Rehab R&D, Vol. 40(6):487-500
Biodex #92-268   

Selesnick, H, et al.  (1990)
  Lateral Epicondylitis:  Tennis Elbow

Biodex #93-211  

Wilk, K, et al. (1993)
  Rehabilitation Of The Elbow In The Throwing Athlete 

JOSPT, 17(6):305-317
Biodex #93-200
























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