Biodex Multi-Joint Systems Bibliography: Ankle

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Clifford, S, et al.  (1988)
  Ankle Injury:  Third-Degree Sprain Of Lateral Collateral Ligament

Biodex #93-210

DeMaio, M, et al.  (1992)
  Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability-Inversion Sprains:  Part I 

Orthopedics, 15(1):87-96
Biodex #93-165   

DeMaio, M, et al.  (1992)
  Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability-Inversion Sprains:  Part II 

Orthopedics, 15(2):241-248
Biodex #93-164   

Gross, MT, et al.  (1992)
  Relationship Between Multiple Predictor Variables And Normal Biodex Eversion-Inversion Peak TorqueAnd Angular Work

JOSPT, 15(1):24-31
Biodex #92-248   

Hahn, D, et al.  (2012)
  Cortical And Spinal Excitability During And After Lengthening Contractions Of The Human Plantar Flexor Muscles Performed With Maximal Voluntary Effort

PLOS-ONE, Vol. 7(11):1-9, e49907
Biodex #92-308  

Holcomb, WR, et al.  (1997)
  The Effects Of Long Term Ankle Bracing On Strength Of The Ankle Musculature

J of Athletic Training, 32(2):S13
Biodex #93-267  

Holmback, AM, et al. (1999)
  Reliability Of Isokinetic Ankle Dorsiflexor Strength Measurements In Healthy Young Men And Women

Scand J Rehabil Med, 31(4):229-239
Biodex #91-180   

McGuine, TA, et al. (2000)
  Balance As A Predictor Of Ankle Sprain Injuries In High School Basketball Players

J of Athletic Training, Vol. 35(2):S-51, (suppl)
Biodex #91-183  

Nadeau, S, et al. (1996)
  Preloading And Range Of Motion Effect On Plantarflexor Miscle Performance 

Arch Phys Med Rehabil, Vol. 77:1000-1004
Biodex #93-262  

Rozzi, SL, et al.  (1996)
  Objective And Subjective Effects Of Balance Training For The Functionally Unstable Ankle:  A Comparison To Healthy Subjects 

Athletic Training
Biodex #93-260   

Rozzi, SL
  Functional Rehabilitation:  A Protocol For Management Of The Lateral Ankle Sprain

Rehab Management, 54-60
Biodex #93-259  

Rozzi, SL, et al.  (1997)
  Invertor vs. Evertor Peak Torque And Power Deficiencies Associated With Lateral Ankle Ligament Injury

JOSPT, Vol. 26(2):79-87
Biodex #93-263   

Willems, T, et al.  (2002)
  Proprioception And Muscle Strength In Subjects With A History Of Ankle Sprains And Chronic Instability

J of Athletic Training, 37(4):487-493
Biodex #92-267   

Yim, S, et al. (1998)
  Reproducibility Of Isometric And Isokinetic Testing Of Ankle Plantar Flexion Strength And Endurance

Presentation at ACSM (Abstract)
Biodex #93-284   




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