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Aurora Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI)
Adam Brill, ATC, LAT
Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center

Sheboygan, WI

“Aurora Sports Medicine Institute has been using the Biodex Balance System SD for balance assessment in our concussion management program since June 2011.   We already had the Biodex Balance System SD in our therapy unit for a couple of years being used primarily for physical therapy and rehabilitation.   It was like finding a hidden treasure, knowing that we had a balance assessment solution already in place and could now repurpose it for use in our concussion management program.   However, I never like to follow anything blindly.  It took us a good 3-4 months to fully research all components of our concussion program before we actually put anything into place.
We decided to move forward with Biodex for objective balance assessment based on their reputation and the relationship we had with them and their product.  The efficiency and quickness, the ease of reading reports, and the results that we got with the Balance System SD were phenomenal.   We knew we couldn’t get any better than what we already had.”


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