NEW Gait Trainer™ 3

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Biodex Gait Trainer 3 with Music Therapy Launches in Stockholm, Sweden
The Biodex Gait Trainer 3 with the Integrated Music Therapy option makes its European debut in Stockholm, Sweden. Hope Young, executive producer of the Movement Tracks Project, meets up with Bjorn Augustin and Dr. Nico Fiorente for the historic European launch of this groundbreaking gait training technology that integrates music composed to treat patients with neurological involvement.


Integrated Music Therapy for the Gait Trainer™ 3 
In response to the strong, evidence-based value of Rhythmic Auditory Cueing (RAC) and sensory-enhanced movement, Biodex brings Integrated Music Therapy to the Gait Trainer 3. Featuring a library of music therapy-informed compositions designed to encourage improved gait patterns, this is the first time music and technology are integrated for a collaborative rehabilitation plan of care.


Emory Brain Health Center Embraces Biodex Technology for Patients with Neurological Involvement
The Emory Brain Health Center in Atlanta is building what it believes will be one of the nation’s leading outpatient rehabilitation centers for patients with neurological diseases and conditions. The heart of this modern center on Atlanta, GA’s Emory University campus is a team of highly experienced therapists equipped with one of the field’s most advanced range-of-technology systems, including the first rhythmic auditory stimulation (RAS) gait systems for clinical use, and the nation’s most extensive FreeStep SAS track systems.


Biodex Gait Trainer 3
The Biodex Gait Trainer™ 3 is the only treadmill with an instrumented deck that monitors and records step length, step speed and right-to-left time distribution (step symmetry).


Gait Trainer 3 Slide Presentation (auto play)
Biodex presents “Why You Should Purchase a Gait Trainer 3”. The presentation details how biofeedback assists in motor learning, providing the best quality rehab in the shortest period of time. The Biodex Gait Trainer will help accelerate rehab, improve outcomes and reduce risk of readmission. Objective documentation improves and proves rehab effectiveness. Watch presentation to learn how the Biodex Gait Trainer 3 can help secure a competitive advantage, thereby increasing referrals.


Biodex Gait Trainer used as part of music therapy program for movement disorders
The Center for Music Therapy in Austin, TX includes the Gait Trainer as part of its music therapy program for movement disorders.  The center uses music as part of the rehabilitation process to improve movement of patients with diseases such as traumatic brain injury, Huntington’s Disease and Parkinson’s disease.  Patients use the Gait Trainer while listening to music to help them improve mobility.


Biodex Medical Devices used at Body in Balance Physical Therapy and Fitness Center -- Linwood, NJ
Gait compromised patients use Biodex Gait Trainer and Unweighing System to maintainquality of life and independence.


Post-Op Rehabilitation with Gait Trainer 3
Lighthouse at Waconia strengthens lower extremity patients by walking "uphill, downhill and sideways" on the Biodex Gait Trainer 3.


Rehabilitation for the Parkinson's Disease Patient
Body In Balance addresses the needs of their Parkinson's Disease patients using the Biodex Balance System SD, BioStep Elliptical and Gait Trainer 3. Using "Big Step" technique on the Gait Trainer mitigates the standard shuffle. Patient claims "the more I exercise, the less I shake."


Rehabilitation for the Stroke Patient
Lighthouse at Waconia meets the needs of weight shift training in stroke patients with the Biodex Balance System SD and Gait Trainer 3. Biofeedback gives patients a quantifiable understanding of their transfer of weight and gives them confidence over ground to take larger steps.