NEW Gait Trainer™ 3

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Objective Documentation

With G-Code reporting

Exercise Summary Reports track progress and documents outcome. The Biodex Gait Trainer 3 quantifies time and distance measurements compared to age and gender-based normative data.
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Objective Documentation   New G-Codes
Exercise Summary Report
Document step length, step symmetry and step cycle time.  Reporting provides comparisons to age and sex based normative data.

Exercise Summary with Automated G-Code Calculation and Impairment Level Report
Increases efficiency and productivity, improves documentation of rehab effectiveness fostering continuity of care, helps with audits, efficiencies and reduces claims denial.

  • Impairment percent with associated modifier code
  • Functional Limitation G-code categories
  • Patient Status: (Current and Discharge Status)

Simply turn on the G-code option

Gait Trainer 3   Objective Documentation

NEW Progress Report – perfect for
showing need, progress and outcome
for specific gait parameters:

  • Average walking speed over time
  • Total distance and steps taken
  • Step length variablity: RT vs. LT
  • Total exercise time
  • Average step length: RT vs. LT
  • Time on each foot: RT vs. LT
Plots right and left step lengths/symmetry. 


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Balance & Mobility

Music-Assisted Therapy for the Biodex Gait Trainer 3

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What They Are Saying
Dosher Memorial Hospital
Director of Physical Therapy
Eugene DesLaurier, MPT

“We find the Biodex Gait Trainer to be terrific for working with very deconditioned individuals including orthopedic, neurologic, older adult, stroke, spinal cord and head injury patients."