CTSIB Utility Software v3.0

CTSIB Utility Software v3.0


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CTSIB Utility Software – Allows earlier Biodex Balance Systems a means to generate CTSIB progress reports, and enables portability of data. This Windows-based software can assist with your management of concussion by storing athlete baseline test results for comparison to post-injury balance assessments; manage progress with documentation. Biodex provides this value added software at no charge.

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Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

 Microsoft .NET Framework


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New Baseline Testing Program Aims to Help Diagnosis, Treatment of Youth Athlete Concussions

HealthReach Rehabilitation Services in Brookfield is now offering comprehensive baseline testing that could help physicians properly treat young athletes after a concussion.

The service, for individual youth athletes as well as youth teams, addresses all the major best-practice assessments for safe, effective management of sports related concussions, said Michael Tabor, director of sports medicine for HealthReach Rehabilitation Services.