BioStep™ 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical

BioStep™ 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical
BioStep™ 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical
BioStep™ 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical
BioStep™ 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical
BioStep 2... the difference is still in the motion.
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The Biodex BioStep 2 semi-recumbent elliptical cross trainer offers exceptional ergonomic comfort. Its low-impact elliptical motion reduces the jarring start/stop direction change often associated with other recumbent steppers, eliminating the need for users to lift or strike their feet on the footplate.

Pivoting hand grips and articulating footplates add to the comfort while strengthening the primary muscles associated with balance, gait and mobility. BioStep 2 is simple to use, requires minimal supervision and allows exercise to progress at a natural pace.

If there is one piece of equipment for all your patients... this is it.
With its feature-rich design, the versatile and durable BioStep 2 can accommodate a wide variety of user profiles including orthopedic, neurorehabilitation, cardiopulmonary, sports medicine, wellness and general strengthening and conditioning programs for any age group.

Ideal for Older Adults or Preambulation
The low-impact elliptical motion of the BioStep 2 reduces the jarring impact often associated with the stop-start motion so common with other recumbent steppers. The BioStep 2’s motion also helps strengthen the muscles important to maintaining function; those muscles specifically associated with mobility, gait and balance.

Great for Cardiac Rehabilitation
BioStep 2 incorporates both the upper and lower extremities into the cycling motion; patients experience less local muscle fatigue. This allows similar heart rates to be achieved at lower rates of perceived exertion when compared to traditional exercise ergometers. Blood pressures can be checked while the patient continues to exercise by simply releasing one arm while the other three extremities comfortably continue to perform the exercise.

BioStep 2 is ideal for patients who may experience leg claudication during exercise. Patients can easily reduce the effort in the involved leg, while keeping heart rate elevated, by transferring a greater portion of the workload to the non-involved extremities. When the cramping subsides, exercise can be transferred back, proportionately, to all four extremities.

Wellness and Aerobic Conditioning
BioStep 2 provides a zero impact, safe and comfortable total body workout in both forward and reverse directions, making it ideal for general aerobic conditioning of your adult population.

Stabilization Kit for Neurological and Musculoskeletal Challenges
Biodex offers stabilization accessories to meet the challenges of patients with neurological and musculoskeletal issues.


BioStep 2 Stabilization Kit

Foot Straps

A hook and loop strap that provides a simple solution to secure a user's foot to the footplate during exercise.

BioStep 2 Stabilization Kit

Hand Straps

Like the Foot Strap, a hook and loop strap provides a simple solution to secure a user's hand to the Pivoting Handgrips, enabling controlled motion during exercise.

BioStep 2 Stabilization Kit

Seat Belt

The Seat Belt offers support and security for patients with limited torso control. The Seat Belt fits securely around the lower abdomen of each user and is completely adjustable. The retractable seat belt is there when needed and out of way when not.

BioStep 2 Stabilization Kit

Movable Armrests

With the addition of the movable padded armrests, users obtain an added level of comfort and stability when needed. The BioStep 2 can be used with or without the armrests in position. Armrest folds up flush against the side of seat back to provide easy-on and off access.



Stabilization Kit includes:

BioStep 2 Stabilization Kit

BioStep 2 Stabilization Kit

Padded Foot Restraint and Pivoting Calf Support

Our lower extremity stabilization is a combination to provide support to the calf while allowing the patient to exercise and experience the smooth BioStep motion. The calf support pivots, allowing the ankle to move as it would naturally in gait. The padded foot restraint is a convenient and comfortable means to secure the foot to the footplate, thereby maintaining correct loading of the joints and postural alignment during exercise.

BioStep 2 Stabilization Kit

Hand/Wrist Cuffs (large)

Patients with hand and wrist limitations will find comfort with the pivoting handgrips and security of maintaining stable hand position throughout the exercise session. The Hand/Wrist Cuffs allow users with limited or no hand strength or control to enjoy the benefits of the BioStep's upper body exercise.
NOTE: Hand/Wrist Cuffs are also sold separately.


  • Elliptical motion - provides smooth continuous “zero joint impact” exercise
  • Self-powered, self-charging, cordless capability
    - use it anywhere
  • 1:1 arm to leg motion - for natural arm swing rhythm
  • Pivoting handgrips – provide comfort for patients with forearm or wrist impingements
  • Rotating seat to 90° on either side and step-through design
    - for easy and safe entry and exit
  • Movable armrests for added comfort and stability when needed
  • Seat belt offers support and security for patients with limited torso control
  • Optimized seat height - for wheelchair transfers and controlled hip flexion
  • Up to 600 watts - to accommodate a wide spectrum of users
  • Constant resistance with 20 effort levels - provides greater program options
  • Heart Rate Monitoring - Polar® contact handgrips (telemetry compatible) to ensure proper training intensity
  • Sturdy, well-placed grab handles to facilitate patient transfer
  • Large easy-to-use “Quick Start” display - features time, rpm, watts, calories, METs, distance, total steps, heart rate
  • Large utility holder - provides a convenient storage place for water bottles and allows for hands-free reading
  • Robust design - for heavy institutional use
  • Optional Advanced Stabilization Package


  • Senior Rehab
  • Wellness and Fitness Centers
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic/Sports Medicine, and more


  • Dimensions: 54" l x 28" w x 44" h (137 x 71 x 112 cm)
  • Resistance: Constant resistance with 20 effort levels
  • Work Rate Range: Up to 600 watts (120 rpm)
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Polar® contact handgrip (telemetry compatible)
  • Readouts: Time, rpm, watts, calories, METs, heart rate, distance and total steps
  • User Capacity: 500 lb (227 kg)
  • Weight: 202.5 lb (92 kg)
  • Power: Self-powered; no external power requirement at user work rates over 30 watts and 50 rpm; adapter is provided to power system and charge battery during applications below 30 watts and 50 rpm; battery automatically recharges at work rates above 30 watts and
    50 rpm. AC Adapter included.
  • Certifications: ETL listed to UL60601-1 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No.601.1.M90, EN 60601-1: 2nd Edition. EMC compliance to EN 60601-1-2.
  • Warranty: Two years parts; one-year labor




Models and Ordering

To order, call 1-800-224-6339

BioStep™ 2, 100-240 VAC
Includes: foot straps, hand straps, seat belt and movable armrests

Export models available.


950-242 Stabilization Kit
Includes: pivoting calf support, padded foot restraint and hand/wrist cuffs 
950-247 Hand/Wrist Cuffs, Small (Pair)
950-243 Hand/Wrist Cuffs, Medium (Pair)
950-234 Hand/Wrist Cuffs, Large (Pair)

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