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NEW medBike®

Motion exercise for people with physical limitations
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Motion Exercise

Designed for people with physical limitations, medBike is ideal for independent use by individuals in their home, or in neurorehabilitation settings, SNFs, rehabilitation hospitals, and even private practice. medBike’s open design offers comfortable access for those exercising from a chair or a wheelchair.

Proven to be very effective for MS and Parkinson’s disease, the motion training of medBike helps loosen and strengthen muscles and reduce spasticity. Research has shown that people with Parkinson’s disease may benefit by exercising in the Pedal Assisted Mode at the higher rpm levels that the medBike offers, up to 90 rpm. Dynamic high cadence cycling in patients with Parkinson’s (Hoehn and Yahr Scale < 3) has been shown to improve motor function. High speed pedaling assists with higher neural activation in the brain. High-speed, low-resistance cycling elicited significant improvements in the four-square step test and 10m walk test. There was a high reliability and adequate sensitivity to detect small to moderate difference in mobility.1,2,3,4   The Continuous Control System avoids overstraining the lower- and upper-leg muscles, creating safe exercise conditions.

Motion training is also effective in assisting neurologic rehabilitation. Repetition is essential for training when brain or nerve damage exists. Frequent and regular movement helps with the recovery of some function.

Using a mobile App, medBike integrates with any Android device. Assistance can be provided remotely with the performance of up to eight exercise sessions monitored simultaneously. For home use, exercise performance can be stored to the Android or shared via email.

medBike’s touch display presents graphic biomechanic flowcharts for easy understanding. Personal data is input to individualize each training session and finished with a detailed log depicting the relevant biodata used in motion training.



Calf Support

For people with partial or complete paraplegia of the lower body, lateral control of the lower legs is highly important during motion training to prevent muscle shortening and joint stiffness. To assure a comfortable and correct position, the optional Calf Supports provide safe guidance.





1 Effects of Dynamic Cycling on Motor Function, Gait and Balance in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease
2 Immediate effects of high-speed cycling intervals on bradykinesia in Parkinson’s disease
3 4-Square Step Test
4 Timed 10 Meter walk test



In each mode the user can program a personal exercise session with specific resistance and time values. Forward and reverse pedal movement can also be combined into one motion training.


Active Mode – movement relies on user strength input


Passive Mode – motorized movement output


Pedal Assisted Mode – combines user strength input and motorized output

In Pedal Assisted Mode, the Continuous Control System measures the strength of the user’s input and will assist with the rotational movement to meet the selected setting, if necessary.

  • For residential and professional use
  • Can be used comfortably from any chair or wheelchair
  • Highly effective in assisting neurologic rehabilitation
  • Research has shown that people with Parkinson’s disease may benefit by exercising in the Pedal Assisted Mode at the higher rpm levels that the medBike offers


  • Dimensions: 26.4" l x 21.7" w x 39.6" h (67 x 55 x 101 cm)
  • Height Adjustable: Telescoping handlebar post
  • Display: 10" TFT touch screen
  • Hand Grips: Non-allergic, high density; telescopic handlebar post
  • Pedals: Fully articulating with heel cup and safety straps
  • Finish: Full metal frame, enamel powder, electrostatic
  • Wheels: Durable transport
  • Speed Control: 1-90 rpm in passive mode
  • Work Rate Range:1-150 watts (100 watts at 90 rpm in Active Mode)
  • Weight: 75 lb (34 kg)
  • Warranty: Two years parts; one year labor


Models and Ordering

To order, call 1-800-224-6339




950-193 Calf Supports

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