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Objective Documentation

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CTSIB Test Results   CTSIB Reports with G-Codes

Software Includes
Documentation of Sensory Integration Balance Testing Capabities:
The three sensory systems that contribute to balance:

  • Visual
  • Proprioception
  • Vestibular

Available tests include CTSIB, mCTSIB, BESS and Custom testing capabilities.

Utilizing the CTSIB capabilities clinicians can test patients and compare results to normative data. 


CTSIB reporting with Automated G-Code Calculation and Impairment Level Report
Increases efficiency and productivity, improves documentation of rehab effectiveness fostering continuity of care, helps with audits, efficiencies and reduces claims denial.

  • Impairment percent with associated modifier code
  • Functional Limitation G-code categories
  • Patient Status: (Current and Discharge Status)

 Simply turn on the G-code option

Objective Documentation   Fall Risk Test Results

Progress Report
Document change over time and outcomes. All test results and training sessions are output on easy to read 8.5" x 11" reports which can be placed into the patient’s file.


Biodex Balance System SD Can Identify a
Potential Problem in Just Two Minutes
All test results and training sessions are documented on
easy-to-read 8.5" x 11" reports which can be placed into
the patient's file. Comparisons to normative data can be
made for population-specific tests using the Fall

Other testing includes Postural Sway, Athletic Single Leg Stability protocols and Limits of Stabiity.


Objective Documentation


Objective Documentation

Limits of Stability
Results of testing patient balance within their sway envelope.  Isolate discrepancies or impairments.


Percent Weight Bearing
Target zones change color when within % weight bearing targets.  Helps train proper posture.






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