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G-Code Categories Associated with Physical Therapy

Mobility: Walking & Moving Around

G8978 Mobility current status
G8979 Mobility goal status
G8980 Mobility D/C status

Changing & Maintaining Body Position

G8981 Body pos current status
G8982 Body pos goal status
G8983 Body pos D/C status

Carrying, Moving and Handling Objects

G8984 Carry current status
G8985 Carry goal status
G8986 Carry D/C status


G8987 Self-care current status
G8988 Self-care goal status
G8989 Self-care D/C status

Other PT/OT Primary (not covered in above category)

G8990 Other PT/OT current status

Other PT/OT goal status

G8992 Other PT/OT D/C status

Other PT/OT Subsequent (not covered in above category)

G8993 Sub PT/OT current status
G8994 Sub PT/OT goal status
G8995 Sub PT/OT D/C status  


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