Balance System SD, BioSway and Gait Trainer 3 now with G-Code

What if we could help you spend more time with patients, less time on paperwork and assure fewer reimbursement denials from Medicare?

Biodex has done just that!


Introducing G-code Calculator and Impairment Level Reporting
into the software programs of the Biodex Balance System SD,
Portable BioSway
and Gait Trainer 3.

Automated G-Code Calculations and Impairment Level Reports help you
Prove Need, Progress and Outcome

Enhanced objective reporting includes impairment percent with associated modifier code, functional limitation G-code categories, and patient status (current and discharge) – important for Medicare reimbursement and fostering continuity of care.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity through use of automated G-code reporting
  • Improve documentation of rehab effectiveness
  • ROI potential – helps with audits, efficiencies and reduces claims denial
  • Objective measures manage patients efficiently and effectively
  • Enhances objectivity, repeatability and reliability of functional limitation reporting
  • Justifies clinical decision making

Biodex G-code calculator helps increase efficiency and productivity by allowing more time with patients and less time processing paperwork!

Balance System SD and BioSway Sample G-Code Reports

CTSIB Reports with G-CodesClick on image for larger view  

CTSIB reporting with Automated
G-Code Calculation and Impairment Level Report

CTSIB reporting - Provides G-code modifier and impairment percent for the three sensory systems that contribute to balance:

  • Visual
  • Proprioception
  • Vestibular



Objective DocumentationClick on image for larger view

  Percent Weight Bearing
Training Report

Percent Weight Bearing - Documents G-code modifier and impairment level based on patient’s weight bearing targets.


Gait Trainer 3 Sample G-Code Reports

New G-CodesClick on image for larger view  

Exercise Summary with Automated G-Code Calculation and Impairment Level Report
Document step length, step symmetry, and step cycle time with associated impairment percent and modifier for these important gait measurements.