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Today, proper evaluation of concussion should include baseline Balance Assessment, Cognitive Assessment and Graded Symptoms Checklist. Experts agree no one concussion test or tool should be used in isolation. Concussion Health offers educational tools that address how to integrate these components aiding clinicians in determining the best course of treatment for the management of concussion.

Concussion Health Products

Concussion Health provides valuable clinical education tools to support best practices in concussion rehab:


  • Concussion HealthVisual Vestibular Functional Integration Training (V2FIT®) Certification Course: This course has been designed to provide you with practical application of treatment strategies in the functional integration of the visual and vestibular systems. You will be introduced to clinical assessment tools as well as how to incorporate findings into a rehabilitation program.
  • Concussion HealthComprehensive Approach to Concussion Management Certification Course: This course focuses on an evidence-based, comprehensive team approach for concussion management and recognizes the importance of assessing symptoms, cognition, balance and vision as part of a comprehensive concussion evaluation at baseline, time of injury and throughout the recovery process.
  • Live Courses and Workshops: Concussion Health's courses and workshops give you the opportunity to attend in person or online from your desktop or any mobile device. Learn more about course details and continuing education credits.
  • On Demand Webinars: These webinars include some of the top professionals in the field of concussion management from all professions covering a wide variety of concussion-related topics.


  • V2FIT® Exercise Videos: The V2FIT® ​Exercise Videos have been designed to improve pursuit, saccades and VOR function. The order of the oculomotor exercises is presented in a manner which takes into consideration that control of eye movements are typically smoother and more accurate with a plain background versus a busier background.
  • eBooks: The purpose of the eBooks is to take a complex subject matter and condense it into an evidence-based clinical tool for those interested in concussion management. Too often healthcare providers are limited on time spent with a patient. ​So part of an evidenced based practice is being efficient with the clinical exam.
  • Case Studies: Concussion Health's Case Studies are thorough, well laid out, easy to follow and clinically valuable tools that follow real life patient case scenarios.
  • Play It Safe AppPLAY IT SAFE® iPhone App: The PLAY IT SAFE® App from Concussion Health is a smartphone-based application that provides a best practice concussion guideline to focus on assessment at time of injury by gathering information about: Symptoms, Cognition, Balance, Exertion and Dynamic Vision.

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Biodex Balance Assessment for Concussion Management

Biodex Balance Assessment for Concussion Management adds an objective neurophysical component that gives clinicians the ability to quantify the elements of balance before and after an injury occurs. The objective data provided by Biodex Balance Assessment provides a performance baseline against which post-injury performance can be compared. Detailed summary and progress reports track recovery and provide the medical team with quantitative data to help with the return-to-play decision.  Learn more >>



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