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Biodex combines science with practical application to present a
series of interactive eLearning modules, hands-on workshops,
evidence-based clinical protocols, and training webinars – all
designed to help you better understand and utilize your
Biodex device.
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Educational Training

Workshops: Advanced System 4 User

Want to learn how to use each mode of operation? Sign up for this workshop to learn and understand the following: how each mode is used in rehabilitation, how to set patients up in the correct biomechanical positions, how to use data to develop the best treatment plans, and learn the best way to assess & treat patients. >>

Workshops: Advanced Neurorehabilitation

Biodex offers Advanced Neurorehabilitation Workshops that benefit Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants. Didactic and hands-on learning environments will be utilized to enhance knowledge in the use of technology as a tool to help deliver best practices in patient care. The clinical focus of the course includes techniques in balance therapy. >>

Workshops: Balance System SD – Practical Applications

Biodex offers a series of workshops that focus on the causes and symptoms of balance issues and the best way to assess and treat patients. With topics ranging from fall prevention to concussion, these workshops combine lectures from well respected speakers with interactive lab time featuring the Balance System SD. >>

Workshops: Sports Medicine, Contemporary Topics

Biodex offers a series of workshops that focus on prevention and rehabilitation of common sports injuries.

• Learn the rationale behind screening and how to implement the Biodex Balance Assessment component into your new or existing concussion management program. 

• Sports medicine clinicians benefit from workshops addressing hamstring injury prevention and return to play for athletic activities. >>

Seminars: Concussion Prevention and Management in Athletics

Effective Safety, Assessment and Return to Play Strategies
This course is your comprehensive guide to concussion prevention, assessment, and management, as well as baseline testing and emergency action planning. In addition, the final section covers supervision and administration of athletic training services based on recent best practices. >>

Training: Interactive eLearning

In an effort to improve product utilization and increase clinical value, Biodex provides a series of eLearning Tutorials. The tutorials are convenient for customers who prefer to learn on their own at their own pace. The eLearning curriculum is designed to provide you with training on how to setup your new device, navigate the software, perform testing and interpret the results. The tutorials are yours to access in the future for advancing your staff’s knowledge, training new personnel or if you are just looking to get to the next level. >>

Training: System 4 Operations and In-service

Upon purchase of a System 4 your organization is entitled to an Operations In-service. Learn how to navigate the software, how to set the machine up for knees, ankles and shoulders, how to perform testing using the software and how to interpret the results. >>

360 Neuro Health Plan

Today, proper evaluation of concussion should include baseline Balance Assessment, Cognitive Assessment and Graded Symptoms Checklist. Experts agree no one concussion test or tool should be used in isolation. 360 Neuro Health offers educational tools that address how to integrate these components aiding clinicians in determining the best course of treatment for the management of concussion.  >>


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Education & Training

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