Dose Calibration

Atomlab™ 500 Dose Calibrator
One system for all your needs.
Atomlab™ 500Plus Dose Calibrator
Includes Wipe Test capability for a complete, cost effective hot lab management system.
Vial/Syringe Dipper
This rugged,Vial/Syringe Dipper has a comfortable handle and it will hold 1 cc to 10 cc syringes or up to a 30 ml vial.
Vial/Syringe Copper Dipper
Designed for use with I-123 and In-111, the Copper Dipper removes variation in readings caused by attenuation differences from different materials and thicknesses used in syringes and vials.
Well Insert
Durable, clear Plexiglas insert is designed to protect the chamber from contamination and can be easily removed for cleaning.